Welcome Raphael Ziggy Thomas

by admin on April 21, 2014

Introducing Raphael Ziggy Thomas,
who made an elegant entrance to this world surprising his parents, when landed on the bathroom floor minutes after mummy’s water broke whilst daddy was contemplating boiling water (cause that’s what they do in films).

He greeted the ambulance paramedics resting on mummy’s chest all slippery & gorgeous and everyone had a cup of tea in the hallway.

We wish our little Rafa zigzag the most amazing life & want to thank him for coming to our world & making Leo a big brother & us though a little more tired – the happiest people in the world.

Mama Hadar, Daddy Adam & big brother Leo.







by admin on January 30, 2014

Thank you to all the amazing supporters who by pre ordered my album ‘The Year & Now’ and helped it’s birth.

The official release date hasn’t been announced yet, so watch this space 🙂

One More For The Road

by admin on December 14, 2013

Firstly – Thank you to all the amazing contributors so far. I have raised 40% of my final target!
Please take the time to visit my crowd funding page and help me complete my monthly song project!

We’re nearly at the end of this very interesting year and here are

12 things I’ve learnt This Year about myself & life:

1. Nightfall is a matter of location.
2. We are all essentially apes with iphones.
3. Throw yourself into risks and trust that life will provide you with a safety net.
4. Pursue as many things as possible, but don’t be afraid to let some go.
5. There are a multitude of realities.
6. The blind spots of my eyes are ‘filled in’ by my brain
7. Talent is useless without practice.
8. Learning never has to stop.
9. Optimism will get you far.
10. Creativity breeds creativity.
11. If you want to do something just f***ing do it.
12. I’m extremely fertile.

and another one for luck – Knowledge is fine, but useless without creativity.

Here’s November song, hope you’ll like it!

Autumn Leaves Us

by admin on November 21, 2013

At the beginning of this project, in January, I was uncertain of how it will all evolve. Whether I’ll be able to keep on the constant creativity through out the ¥ear, time will tell!

‘wait till we get to October, not sure what I’ll be writing about then’ I wrote.

Well, October cåme and went & one more new song has emerged from beneath the golden åutumn leaves & joined it’s siblings from The Year & Now venture.

It seems that the more one creates, the more ideas one gets.

They say Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons put together.

The bittersweet autumn air – crisp & sharp, reminds me of the saying: “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower” (Albert Camus)

– Though these days, I really do wonder what will fall on our doorstep first, the åutumn leaf or Christmas catalogue…

A great deal of you suggested to put all these songs into one album, and so it will be.
From next week I’ll be embarking on a new path. To raise funds with the åim to wrap all these monthly songs together as The Year & Now ålbum.

More information & links will arrive very soon. Thank you for all the support & åppreciation.

Much Love,

Hadar x

* Of all the seasons, autumn offers the most to man and requires the least of him. ~Hal Borland

October Song Lyrics

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder and I can see the worry in your eyes.

They say a storm is coming outside the wind is howling tarnishing those red October skies.


But luck will always change, we’ll get a better hand, I promise I’ll make it all alright


So lets stay inside tonight, forget all the things we can’t put right,

I’ll nestle in your arms just like before.

At bedtime we’ll watch our son and remember that we are the lucky one’s

Sometimes life is like a revolving door

If you miss one chance you’ll come around once more.


So many words unspoken, communication broken and I’m gambling with the money we don’t have.

So hard to keep a smile on when so much is left unknown, seems to be the story of our lives.

It’s Just A Bad Day – August Song

by admin on September 24, 2013

What can I say? Sometimes it’s just a bad day, and this song was written on a day like this.

You try to talk to someone close and all they say is ‘Don’t worry, it’s just a bad day’ which makes things even worse.

But in the end, I wrote a song, so it wasn’t such a bad day after all…

Hope you’re having good days 🙂

Hadar x


Some “Bad Day” quotes to brighten your day:

Bad days come sometimes just to remind you that you have plenty of good ones to look forward to.

If you have a bad day in baseball, and start thinking about it, you will have 10 more.
Sammy Sosa

Hard times call for awesome music.

There’s nothing wrong or evil about having a bad day. There’s everything wrong with making others have to have it… with you.
Neil Cavuto

When I’m having a bad day, I pick up my guitar.

Michelle Branch

A bad day is just a bad day. Choose not to make it anything more. Times of adversity will inevitably affect the conditions in which you live and work; yet you dont have to let it affect who you are and where you’re headed.
Melchor Lim

August Song – Lyrics by Hadar Manor

I know love always wins but I’m in the mood for war
I know I should let go but I just can’t do it, oh no.
but the feelings are washing me blood goes to my head the weakness in my knees.
He says just relax and it’s making me angrier, I say that i don’t but my God how I really care

I’m spitting fire
I’m a live wire
When I I I hear him say
don’t worry its just a bad day.

I know I should give in keep my mouth shut, not keep score.
Things are never what they seem and if my grass isn’t greener well at list it grows.

mid8: A rising tide lifts all the boats, so why does it feel like sinking
I try to reach above and float but nothing makes sense anyway i guess it’s just another bad day.

But the feelings are washing me blood goes to my head the weakness in my knees.
He says just relax and it’s making me angrier, i say that i don’t but my God how I really care…

I know how this will end like all the times before
All the lessons I should have learnt, my regrets are my ball & chain.

A minute before the end of the month after, I’m sending you this summer song from July.

It has been amazing but already seems like a million years away. I’m seriously thinking of relocating to Thailand…

I hope you had a great summer, if you’re in the UK then your umbrella has been busy in the past week, but hopefully warmer days are coming.

I keep my fingers crossed as the tomatoes in my garden are not quite there, and although I liked the film (they did cook a man in it 🙂 I’m not that into fried green tomatoes.

All the best,

Hadar x

JUNE SONG / I Left My Heart I Amsterdam

by admin on July 15, 2013

Many years ago I lived in Amsterdam, in a different life I should say. I was ready to get back to the same picture. In my fantasy I would walk into the ‘Blues Brothers’ coffee shop and Hila the ex Israeli owner would serve me my usual, my friends were playing pool or partying upstairs while Do Ron Ron singing songs of how his wife threw him out & cancelled all his credit cards… Instead, the smokey alleyway turned into shopping boulevard and the last remaining quirky coffee shops are squashed between H&M and Zara!!

But then again, I changed too and change is a good thing, it means life goes on & we ride the waves. I’m sure there are still plenty of quirky authentic places in Amsterdam, it’s just that the party moved elsewhere and we all went our own ways too.

Anyway, I’m rambling on, please forgive my nostalgic reminiscing. I present you JUNE SONG also known by the name: I Left My Heart In Amsterdam.



by admin on June 10, 2013

I was goin to write a note about my new found observations but then I hit a wall of technical hiccups and lost the will to live…

May’s observations:

1. Don’t leave things to the last minute.
2. Computers are cruel beasts.

Ah yeah – you are the master of your own mind an’ all that.

‘We mustn’t forget that It was all started by a mouse’ – Walt Disney

Hadar x


Many of you asked for the lyrics, so here there are:


You may say what you want I can’t hear you now.
You’re just a voice in my head, you can’t touch me – no.
They say – Rise, trade the fears with a plan,
Don’t look back, now it’s time, tread the line.

But when I close my eyes and all the light dims
There are no rules no boundaries when I dream.
And I’m free…

,p>Like a bird, spread my wings flying past the clouds
Fade away as I glide pass the melting doubts.

Reaching far underneath I can see
The landscape of my life’s destiny.
And when I close my eyes and all the light dims
There are no rules no boundaries when I dream.
And I’m free…

You may say what you want you can’t hurt me though
I forgot that I knew how to let you go.
Childhood dreams I embraced coming back to me
Pictures run through my head now I see…

April’s Fool

by admin on May 7, 2013

Just when it felt like things will never change, the clouds broke and a beautiful big warm orange ball appeared in the sky – for a moment I didn’t recognise it and then…THE SUN!! Hello stranger.

Oh how the warm weather changes everything! The spring is here.

Yes, it’s fighting his way in, but we’re all cheering him from the road side like true supporters in a marathon.

It’s here, we can start again.


Hadar x

February Song

by admin on March 6, 2013


I used to think that February is long enough, but having promised a song for every month, I could do with 3 extra days.

But I did it.

I wrote the song, recorded and put it all together in a little montage of snaps from our lives. The result is in the video.

As you know, I was born and raised under the middle eastern sun. My ancestors are from the Yemen desert and I am not programmed for the English weather.
No, I didn’t come here for the weather. In the middle of February we took a flight to Israel, an act of survival! It’s clear from the photos, IT WORKED!!

I really enjoyed twiddling the knobs – I hope you enjoy it 🙂


Hadar x

*Pictures taken by my lovely husband Adam Tiernan Thomas ( )