Playing A Gig In Your House

by admin on September 23, 2018

House gigs ad

So… I’ve had a new idea to play house gigs and if it’s going to work I’ll need your help!
Are you up for having me, my guitar and songs to play to you and your friends in a very special musical gathering in your own front room? (at no cost to you 🙂 )
You don’t need to have a big fancy house! All we need is enough space for me and my guitar and a friendly audience to create a magical evening!

I played my first house concert a couple of weeks ago at a farm in North Wales and it was lovely to hear people say it was one of the most special parties they’ve been to 🙂

If you’re wondering how popular house concerts are, here’s a BBC article on this up and coming trend:) Article on House Gigs

House gig in a farm in North Wales

This beautiful farm in Wales was my first house gigs venue!

The entrance to the farm

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