JUNE SONG / I Left My Heart I Amsterdam

by admin on July 15, 2013

Many years ago I lived in Amsterdam, in a different life I should say. I was ready to get back to the same picture. In my fantasy I would walk into the ‘Blues Brothers’ coffee shop and Hila the ex Israeli owner would serve me my usual, my friends were playing pool or partying upstairs while Do Ron Ron singing songs of how his wife threw him out & cancelled all his credit cards… Instead, the smokey alleyway turned into shopping boulevard and the last remaining quirky coffee shops are squashed between H&M and Zara!!

But then again, I changed too and change is a good thing, it means life goes on & we ride the waves. I’m sure there are still plenty of quirky authentic places in Amsterdam, it’s just that the party moved elsewhere and we all went our own ways too.

Anyway, I’m rambling on, please forgive my nostalgic reminiscing. I present you JUNE SONG also known by the name: I Left My Heart In Amsterdam.


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